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In your first lesson of Java you may hear this jargon JDK, JRE, JVM. :) You may or may not be confused. when your teacher says about this Jargon, I hope you were busy with compile and execute your "Hello World " program.

I wonder some time how this happens? Let's have a coffee break with jargon.

Let's surf what is JDK. I have goooooogle on Google Images about JDK. Lots of places it shows the following complicated image with so many stuffs. 
OMG! What is this ? Cool Let's take dig! 
JDK : Java Development Kit
Let's called JDK is a kit, which include what are those things need to developed and run java applications. 

JDK is given as development environment for building applications, component s and applets. 

You can find the latest jdk here

JRE : Java Run-time Environment

It contains everything you need to run Java applications in compiled form. You don't need any libraries and other stuffs. All things you need are compiled. 

JRE is can not used for development, only…