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WSO2 ESB - Enterprise Service Bus

An enterprise service bus (ESB) is a software architecture construct that enables communication among various applications. Instead of having to make each of your applications communicate directly with each other in all their various formats, each application simply communicates with the ESB, which handles transforming and routing the messages to their appropriate destinations.

Apache AXIOM and XML Manipulations

Axiom acronym stand as AXis2 Object Model. It is the part of the Axis2 project and it is now consider as the component of WS components.

Axiom is the main XML representation mechanism in Axis2, so any message coming to Axis2 will be represented as an Axiom object in Axis2.  DOM and JDOM are two classic examples for such XML models. AXIOM is conceptually similar to such a XML model by its external behaviour, but deep down it is very different.

AXIOM i lightweight info-set representation of XML based on StAX, which is the standard streaming pull parser API. The object model can be manipulated flexibly as any other object model (such as JDOM), but the objects will be created only when they are absolutely required.

Hey Nifras! What you mean by pull parsing and push parsing? I am hearing your mind voice. :-P 
XML documents can be parsed using a "pull-based" or a "push-based" (StAX) process. Now the trend on pull parsing is PULL parsing.The previously popular frameworks …

Axis2 Pillars : [ flows, phases, handlers, and modules ]

Flows Flow is the collection of phases in the Axis2 architecture. There are two flows Axis2 engine has two flows based on the message invocation patterns,  In-Flow - which is invoked when the engine receives a messageOut-Flow - which is invoked on engine sends the message.  These flows are not in object or structure on real implementations.  The order in which the phases should be put together to form a flow can be configured in axis2.xml configuration.
Phases Axis2 engine invokes in the phases which they are placed in flow. 
Axis2 have predefined phases . They also configured in the configuration file axis2.xml
The Phases are deined on the <phaseOrder> element in axis2.xml
User also can add user defined pahses on axis2.xml , but it should be after the post dispatch phase. The example user defined configuration is as follows,

Axis 2 Web Services - A Reader View [ PART II ]

Axis2 Client API  Axis 2 Client API handles In-Only and  In-Out MEPs. Axis2 Client API is compelled with so many MEPs. but the both In-Only and In-Out MEPs are widely used and recognized by huge community. 
 As Axis2 provides support for any MEP in the core level, implementing either is fairly straightforward. The In-Only and In-Out MEPs are supported with the two classes InOnlyMEPClient and InOutMEPClient, described in the next two sections. InOnlyMEPClientClass provide support for fire and forgot messaging. The transport treated as one way. 

InOutMEPClient and the Call class that extends the InOutMEPClient provide the API for request-response messaging. Axis2 takes care of the complete operation, and all of the addressing properties except the To address are under the control of the Axis2.

Axis 2 Web Service - Readers View [ PART 1 ]

The single standalone concept is gone away and now every devices are connected, even rather than hardware also connected and talk between them each other.

The web services provide a way to make interaction between the application to the outer world. When you are willing to make an application you might consume web services in you way. Because you are not able to code everything by your hand. And also if you are willing to connect your application to the world you have to provide services too. 
Web Service defines SOAP, the message format, and WSDL, a common way to describe the Web Services. Different programming languages may define different implementations for Web Services, yet they inter-operate because they all agree on the format of the information they share.

WSDL - A Introduction

07.05.2016 Learn @WSO2 Trace Hey folks, 
I have learn the concept of WSDL - Web Service Definition Language, This is a new way of learning from the comments on the code. I have just write some comment and archive it for the future use.

If you are a cody surely understanding what i have wrote.

Enjoy with this cody! with a cup of Coffee.

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