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Hide the navigation bar in jHipster Angular 2

Hiding a navigation bar is the easiest solution on Angular 2 version of jHipster. For this, you need to create a NavService and implement it on every component you need to show the navigation bar.

Let's first create a service in the directory of your navigation component resides.

import { Injectable } from '@angular/core';

export class NavbarService {
  visible: boolean;

  constructor() { this.visible = false; }

  hide() { this.visible = false; }

  show() { this.visible = true; }

  toggle() { this.visible = !this.visible; }


There after you need to call this service on your navigation component constructor

import { Component } from '@angular/core';
import { NavbarService } from './navbar.service';

  selector: 'sd-navbar',
  templateUrl: 'navbar.component.html'

export class NavbarComponent {

  constructor( public nav: NavbarService ) {}


After the use, the above declared filed on your view in ngIf to show and …

Debug your Laravel Application on PhpStrom

Debugging is the key concept while we writing thousands of lines in code. In most of the cases, developers set the breakpoints and test the code it is work as expected. 
In PHP framework like laravel, normally we are using var_dump(), echo and dd command to see the values. But do you think it is a proper way to debug? 
In this session, I give you some few steps to debug your laravel applications using PhpStrom and Xdebug. Just follow the step one by one.
Download the Xdebug and Configure with your PHP installationGo to the Xdebug download page and download the proper version of xdebug of your PHP version. If you find difficult to find the correct version of Xdebug better go to custom installation instructions link on the same page. 
If you click the custom installation page follow the instruction to install Xdebug and configure it.
After that install the browser extension for Xdebug. 
ChromeXdebug Helper FirefoxThe easiest Xdebug SafariXdebug Toggler OperaXdebug launcher Internet ExplorerPhpSto…