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In my research, I have started to implement the methods to be real. But starting a project from the base is the crucial thing on Software development especially in R&D. 
I do some search frequent pattern mining algorithms to do Market Basket Analysis. There plenty algorithms to their jobs in their passion but Apriori is somehow interesting and widely used in Market Basket Analysis
Analysing the pattern is so easy I think. but getting the good dataset is the worst work. I have searched for so many days and finally found a suitable dataset which have a lot of information about the consumer and the items. From that dataset, I start to examining the buying pattern of a consumer in various factors. 

The Art of Artist

A heavy rainy out of the wall. Thinking what to do now! Okay, a part of my mind say lets surfing on the web. Fortunately or Unfortunately my fingers type as as usual. I have read a post and see some images it makes me made of an artist thinking. Here are the amazing artist talents.