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Django : Installation

Django is the web programming framework in python. It allow python programmers to show their expertise in web. Python is the powerful language we know.

On this tutorial I have going to show you how to install Django in your machine.

If you are a Linux user this tutorial is more comfortable for you.

Open your terminal and check you already have python. if not install python using the command sudo apt-get install python to install python on your Linux environment.Install Apache Server and mod-wsgiGetting your database server is running. Django support for PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle and SQLite.Then you need pip in your python environment. to install pip
sudo apt-get install python-pip


download the file then run this file with root access. Then if you have install pip install Django using the pip command
sudo pip install DjangoThat's it check your Django is install properly using following python snap

importsys; sys.path = sys.path[1:]; importdjango; print(django.__path…