Session 1 : Spring Boot - What is Spring and Spring Boot ?

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Spring Boot is a quick start to creating Spring applications in seconds. Spring boot hides the complexity of the spring applications. Spring boot simplifies the process of Spring application creation. You may think this is only for simple applications? No, It is for creating big giant Enterprises applications in few seconds.

I am so excited when I create the Spring application using Spring Boot. Hope you feel better when you complete this course.

In this full course of materials, we are looking the concept of the Spring boot and we are going to create the end to end RESTful API with whole relevant concepts.

In this series we are going to learn ...

  • What is Spring Boot ?
  • Building end to end application
    - A course management system
  • Spring Boot feature
  • Configuration and Customization

When you complete this series, you will be able to get all necessary things to create a complete end to end application

What is Spring Boot

There are two terms Spring and Boot.

The first term says Spring, It is the Java framework to create the Spring Application, This is normally used to create the Enterprises application and doing a big job in Java minds.

The second term is Boot. It means bootstrap. Spring Boot is somehow bootstrapping to the Spring Application from the scratch. That is the reason the name comes as Spring Boot.

In the official website definitions says:
Spring Boot makes it easy to create stand-alone, production-grade Spring based Applications that you can "just run". We take an opinionated view of the Spring platform and third-party libraries so you can get started with minimum fuss. Most Spring Boot applications need very little Spring configuration.

There are a lot of key elements I highlight them and you understand from the highlights. This shows up to you how easy to create Spring application using Spring Boot. If you're experienced in Spring application, you know the complexity and pain to run the spring application from the scratch.

Now, to really understand the spring boot application you need to have some understanding of Spring.

What is Spring? 

Spring is the Application framework. It is many dependencies injection framework. It is the special and famous application in Enterprises application creation framework.

Spring solve more existing issues by providing a template to the issues. Example Spring provide a template to Database connectivity, security and so on.

It also has programming and configuration model. It means you don't need to focus the whole things, You only focus on the business logics and rest of the world is handled by Spring. Example connecting to the database, running queries and handling the HTTP requests. So you only need to focus to building the business services.

It also provides infrastructure supports exist on the markets. The example in database concern it is the support to MongnoDB, RDBMS and so on.

At the Gate

Now we are in the gate of Spring Boot. Spring Boot is simple on start up. You don't need huge configuration on startup. It is simple, you can add the features and when you need. The example you need to add database connectivity that time you can able to add the connectivity configurations.

Let see in practicle from the next session.

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